Community Guidelines

The Good

Be courteous
Respect is an integral aspect of ethics and professionalism in medicine.

The members of this community possess diverse levels of medical education and clinical experience - please afford them due respect.

Share what you know
Many may benefit from your knowledge, opinions, or personal experiences. You will not only gain respect by sharing, but also help thousands of practitioners, students and thousands of patients they treat or will one day treat.

Ask clearly
Keeping the the questions succinct and upto the point will increase the chance of getting a proper answer.

Like / Report
Admire what needs to be admired; Report what needs to be reported. The community depends on you to report abuse and rate questions and answers. Help us keep the community clean of spammers and hate speech.

The Bad

Venting, ranting or using hate speech
Respect and courtesy are of utmost importance. Each member of the Community is expected to strictly adhere to the accepted norms of ethics and professionalism in medicine. Use of hate speech directed against a fellow member or an outsider is thoroughly condemned.

Advertising your products and services
Advertising products or services of any sort is not permitted; any such posts will be considered spam and acted on accordingly.

Prognosis : Questions is a global forum to seek and discuss answers to clinical and academic questions pertaining to the field of Medicine. There is absolutely no room for spamming.

Violating copyright or intellectual property laws
User submitted text, image, audio, video content to the Prognosis:Questions app or public forums of the website must not violate rights of any other party and must not breach the confidentiality of information or violate ownership, copyright and trademark laws.

Such content will be removed swiftly once it comes to the notice of the administrators and users will be held responsible and culpable.

No Divulging of sensitive information
Being a forum of the Medical community, Prognosis : Questions revolves around the codes of ethical practice of Medicine.

Everyone's privacy should be respected and preserved and sensitive information on or about patients should not be divulged. All Community members should be aware of the likely consequences of not adhering to this rule.

Maliciously misbehaving
When posting links to sites, please make sure that they provide trustworthy and accurate information. Never post links to sites that harbour malicious content.

False Identities
No member shall misrepresent, claim false credentials or expertise, and shall not incite or advocate unethical practices.

Personal Medical Questions
Questions of a personal nature are not allowed on the forum. Seeking medical consultations through a forum in place of a consultation with a medical professional can have deleterious medical and legal consequences and hence is not permitted.

Vague, Unclear, or Overly Simple Questions
Questions which are vague in nature, or to which unambiguous answers are readily available in basic text books are not encouraged.

The Ugly

Response to violations
Medical Joyworks does not edit content, but reserves the right to remove content when deemed inappropriate and/or in violation of the Community Guidelines.

If and when considered necessary, Medical Joyworks reserves the right to terminate or to suspend a member’s account without giving a specific reason/s for such action.

Medical Joyworks welcomes requests for clarifications on the above guidelines.

Medical Joyworks reserves the right to revise the above guidelines at any time and without notice.